Because of this ideal location and the country's outstanding natural beauty, Slovenia is rapidly becoming a choice place to buy holiday homes. Tourism has been the fastest growing industry in the country for the past five years. This factor combined with new legislations that opened property to foreign buyers make it an ideal time to buy a home in the region. Holiday homes are an increasing trend with many people currently buying in Spain and France. However these markets are beginning to saturate whilst Slovenia offers an ideal new market.

Slovenia itself has much to offer. It is unspoilt unlike other regions of western Europe and is a paradise for people who like the outdoors life with great opportunities for hiking, skiing, riding, cycling, climbing, water sports, etc. Add to this the cosmopolitan sophistication of its capital Ljubljana and the charm of the many ancient walled towns and you have an irresistible mix.

Since Slovenia joined the EU in 2004, anyone residing within the EU has been able to purchase property, often in only a matter of weeks. Slovenia was in fact a rare new entrant to the european community by not putting in place a restriction on other EU citizens buying property for the first few years after accession. In most cases, buying is relatively straightforward and uncomplicated.

Slovenia is really only for those who are able to finance their own purchase. Mortgages are rare in Slovenia and as far as we are aware, not available for non Slovenian citizens. You should do a check if banks in your country offer mortgages for buying property in Slovenia.

Before you think of buying in Slovenia or any other EU country, you should take the time to learn as much as possible about the area you would like to live in, surf the net for geographical and topical information. Think about how much time you want to spend renovating your dream cottage, Slovene tradesmen (Electricians, Carpenters, Brick layers) are extremely efficient and amongst the hardest working tradesmen around.

Try to get some idea of costs to buy and renovate your property and costs of new houses and apartments. The choice is up to you, many people like to renovate and enjoy the fruits of their labour while others prefer complete apartments and being able to take the time to socialise, take in the scenery and enjoy the wonderful lifestyle.

The best way to find your ideal place is web search to start because of the distance problem. Making a short list of properties you would like is the best idea, the more the better. To try for one property only can be difficult at times especially from March onwards where properties are sold on a daily basis, however, during January and February most people are looking and thinking rather than buying so you are in with more than a good chance of getting your first choice.